Надписи на целительной статуе Хорхебе / Die Statue des Horchebe

Настоящее исследование посвящено текстам на монументе, который в начале III в. до н.э. был установлен в храме овна в Мендесе, для того чтобы пришедшие к нему люди и животные могли получить излечение. Работа основана на авторских копиях иероглифов, выполнена на немецком языке, обращена к специалистам по позднему Египту.


The inscriptions on the healing statue of Harchebi


The present research deals with magical formulae and mythological texts engraved on the statue of the hereditory prince, the king’s treasurer, who arbitrates between two gods, imi-khent-priest, the king’s speaker, the general Harchebi currently in the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts, Moscow, inv. I.1.a.5319, formerly in the collection of V. Golenischeff. Originated from Mendes (the temple of Banebjed) the statue from the early Ptolemaic period is inscribed by 14 spells.

The book contains the description of the cippus, hand-copies of all its inscriptions and philological analysis of the texts including a discussion of the corresponding documents (in some cases with improved editions of the text).

Both translations and comments are in German with Russian preview. Pages from B. Turaev’s original publication of the statue аnd the pages from the Guide to the Moscow museum of 1917 are included in an appendix.

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