The program is intended as a toolset for searching signs in the integrated catalogue of the hieroglyphs and writing short hieroglyphic inscription or vast hieroglyphic texts in vector mode. The database includes about 4700 signs. The goal of the Program is to achieve a maximum operation effect in comparison with other text editors, since the Program design is based on a new concept of editing texts.

The Program Capabilities:
  • Search hieroglyph by its code (Sign ID), by name or by transliteration;
  • Group the search results;
  • Write a hieroglyphic text by “drop and drag” of the objects (hieroglyphs) to the client area of the graphic editor;
  • Display the search results as a graphical information with page/line scrolling;
  • Save a hieroglyphic text in XML;
  • Import to Microsoft Office


Hieroglyphica, version of 23.08.2013 is available to download.

You are free to download the software for non-commercial use. 

Links and references to HIEROGLYPHICA website are welcome.

  • Installation
    21 Nov 2013, 12.24 MB
  • Documentation
    28 Nov 2013, 150.68 KB
  • Run the file after a successful installation of the program
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