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Novosibirsk is the largest Siberian city, an industrial and cultural centre of Russia. Akademgorodok with Novosibirsk State University and the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Science is a world famous scientific and educational center. At the same time there is no university which offers full academic courses in Egyptology and focuses on training specialists in ancient Egyptian. There are only two Egyptologists in the city with one and a half million people: one of the researchers presents this website.


The HIEROGLYPHICA program is available to download. The page with the copies of the scientific papers on Egyptology and rare books is under construction. Please, visit us later. 


NEW! The books

“Documents on the History of the Priestly Families from Memphis and Letopolis in the Late Period" (Vol.1, 2017, 2nd ed.)

"Historical, Biographical and Mythological Inscriptions of the Late Period" (2017)

"Records of Wennefer, Painmu and Harsiese (Dynasty 30)" (2017)



The program is intended as a toolset for searching signs in the integrated catalogue of the hieroglyphs and writing short hieroglyphic inscription or vast hieroglyphic texts in vector mode. The database includes about 4700 signs. The goal of the Program is to achieve the highest possible operation effect in comparison with other text editors, since the Program design is based on a new concept of editing texts.