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Zur Bedeutung eines Titels in der Nestesen-Stele

Lingua Aegyptia. 2008. Bd. 16. S. 95–104.

The paper discusses several variants for the reading of the royal epithet in lines 2-3 of the stela of Nestesen (stBerlin 2268).

Ptahhotep’s editions: new observations

Göttinger Miszellen. 2008. Hft. 218. S. 107–110.

Additional notes to the previous article containing a list of errors (about twenty cases) occurred in the editions of pBM 10509 (L2). The verification is based on the facsimile of the source.

Some remarks on editors’ errors in Ptahhotep and other texts

Göttinger Miszellen. 2007. Hft. 217. S. 39–57.

The work is a result of a thorough study of all known editions of “The Maxims of Ptahhotep”. The author establishes the classification of the errors made by the editors of the hieroglyphic text and supplies every type of mistakes with numerous examples from the publications of different literary records. According to the proposed classification a group of common inaccuracies includes an absence of rubrication, an omission of signs, incorrect transliteration etc. Thus, more than 80 cases of discrepancy are revealed. Besides, a general description of all publications of the sources with the text of the Instruction is given.